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Seriously? You are so desperate to find answers to your budget problems that you are blaming the FATS???

Come on...

(I'm not even from California and this makes me insane!)

Going to see her next week, I can't wait!
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I just love this man...
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11 April 2009 @ 04:21 pm
So, my grandmother emailed me and let me know that tomorrow we are not only getting together for Easter, we are also celebrating my Aunt's birthday (it was apparently April 1st). So yesterday I went around downtown finding her little gifts. She is an awesome person, I love when we get to see her, she loves to laugh and is a lot of fun to talk with.

She is, however, the exact opposite than me in ways that include fashion and taste in music, movies, books -- basically anything and everything. She is very fashionable. There are a few shops around downtown that are perfect for finding gifts for women like her -- I found a super cute scarf, some handmade earings and a really really nice tyler candle (seriously, these are the best candles I have ever smelled/used, which is high praise from me, because I am really sensitive to scented things)

After getting all of these I was stumped about what I was going to do to wrap them, I hate using bags or wrapping paper that are never going to be used again and just get thrown out as soon as the gifts are taken out/unwrapped -- so I looked around at some of the things I had and came accross some reminants of fabric I picked up from Jo-Anne's the other day. So I decided to make a little pouch and use the mesh ribbon that one of the stores used to tie a bow on the bag. 

I took the fabric and wrapped it around my hand until it was big enough for what I wanted to put in, and cut it, it actually came out an almost perfect circle. I then pinned about one 1/2 inches around it and sewed down. I cut a small hole in the top of the "hem" and stuck the ribbon in with a safety pin on one end to feed it through holding the other end. It came out really cute! 

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06 April 2009 @ 02:55 pm
So I was going to work on my purse today, but so far have managed to watch TV, have leftover for lunch, shower, and do moderating duties for my new community plus_size_sew (which I think everyone should join, because it will be awesome)

I did however, upload photos, which I will now share:

pictures of purses and more...Collapse )pictures of purses and more...Collapse )
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05 April 2009 @ 10:30 am
Well, the purse is still a work-in-progress. Even though I measured everything -- somehow the front of the purse ended up larger than the back, so now I have to rip the seams out of the front and figure out how to cut it down without having to scrap the whole thing. 

I added two pockets to the front, they even close with flaps and star buttons. It actually looks super cute, but it is crooked and puckered because the front is too big for the back.

I am going to work on it tomorrow and see if I can't fix it and get the handle and zipper in.

I can't wait for the days when I have a dedicated sewing room with a comfortable chair. At the moment I have everything strewn all over our dining table and the floor... which is not good. And I have to sit on our AWFUL dining chairs... let me tell you, I was sore after making the pants.
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31 March 2009 @ 10:07 pm
So I decided to try my hand at purse making. Not really going by any sort of pattern, just looking at my purse that I have and going from there.

I stopped at Jo-Anne's and picked up some black denim and some red silky dress material for the lining and am using the skull patterned material over the red. So far I have one side of the purse done with a pocket on the inside.

I did some red piping on the outside (which was HARD! I still don't have it exactly how I want it) and when the other side is done I am going to add two pockets to the outside with red star buttons. I think it'll look cool. I can't wait to finish it. If it turnes out like I want I may attempt to sell it on Etsy..

Oh, boyfriend and I bought a camera today, it'll be here sometime either at the end of this week or the beginning of next, as soon as we have it I will post some pictures.

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30 March 2009 @ 10:03 pm
So after a day filled with utter frustration, I decided to sit down and do something I knew would come out at least decently.

I made a purse. I had some weird mesh/metallic skull fabric that I picked up for super cheap forever ago and a bunch of left-over black twill so I made a bag/purse thing. It took a little over an hour and came out fairly well I think. I lined the bag with the skull pattern, except for the side panels, which I had the skulls on the outside. Then just took a strip of the twill and a strip of the skulls and made a shoulder strap. Turned out pretty cool, from a few feet away I'm sure you couldn't tell it apart from something you'd pick up at a Hot Topic like store...

I feel much happier and relaxed now...

Note to self: When project fails, make a bag....  

I'll post pictures tomorrow...
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30 March 2009 @ 06:07 pm
Yup, its official

The pants don't fit. I measured wrong or cut wrong or something... but they won't even zip... I have spent nearly eight hours working on a pair of pants that don't fit. I feel defeated.

I guess its back to the store to buy more fabric and try again... this is so frustrating!!! 
30 March 2009 @ 05:01 pm
So, taking a break from working on the pants... it is now about 5pm

It took me about two hours to figure out the zipper, I have never done one before and had to do it over probably five times before I got it right and managed to rip a hole in the pants while doing that, which was fixable but if you're really looking closely at them looks a tiny bit off...

I just got the basic pants together, everything is sewn up-- legs and everything and  I decided to try them on...

Yup, definitely too small. Now, I still have to add a bit at the top so maybe, just maybe, that will make them work... but I'm pretty sure this pattern was made for a woman with no ass...

And I, my friends, have an ass... a huge ass... an ass that elicits "Damn! You've got an ass on you!" comments... 

If these pants do not fit, I myself may just HAVE a fit... possibly throw them out the window...

Plus the chair I have been sitting on, working on these pants for the last 5 hours, is getting increasingly uncomfortable...

yeah, back to work I guess.
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